I have been writing poetry all my life. Most of my inspiration comes from Mother Nature and I am influenced by the changing of each season, and the fragility of this beautiful world we call home.

Click on any of the images to enjoy my poetry or scroll down further to listen to my poetry recited to musical compositions created by musician friend Joe Lucchetta.

This is a collaboration of Music and Poetry between Songwriter Joe Lucchetta and Poet Angela van Breemen. The musical composition, When Summer Turns to Fall, is an original written and played by Joe Lucchetta and the two poems are called When Summer Turns to Fall and Autumn. Music and Poetry were inspired by the gorgeous fall colours of 2020.

This video is a collaboration between poet/singer Angela van Breemen and musician/songwriter/singer Joe Lucchetta. The musical composition by Joe Lucchetta is an original one, called Day Dreamin’ and the poetry by Angela van Breemen is called I Wanna be a Monarch Butterfly

This is a collaboration between musician, singer and songwriter Joe Lucchetta and poet and singer Angela van Breemen. The instrumentals arranged by Joe Lucchetta are from Charlie Chaplin’s Smile, and the original poem, The Wisdom of the River was written by Angela van Breemen.